Week 2; What brought me here?

What brought me here? Good Question,

Looking back to what brought me here comes from many things but my love for Film and television is where the love began. Reflecting back  I would always spend hours upon hours searching for movies or shows which i hadn’t seen and become addicted. I remember watching all these films and questioning how that’s was made?  or why is this plotted out this way? After a while i began thinking how interesting it would be to create these film.

My first step to being at SAE today started  when I began doing film in Grade 11 at school, that is when I discovered my passion to create and learn all about films. My favorite part of the process in making a film would probably be editing , I love how you start off with a few clips and different shots but then when you add effects, sounds, titles etc. it turns into something golden. The skill of making an audiences go on an emotional adventure with the character is another favorite moment.  For example in such iconic films such as ‘The Notebook’  how such a heart moving piece is such a classic.

The Notebook Trailer:

into-the-woods-poster   thegreatgatsby2012poster  20160201232850titanic_poster 200406-the-notebook


The genre which is my all time favorite is romance.  I inspire to films like’ The Great Gatsby (2013)’, titanic (1997),  In the woods and many others. I have chosen to take on my journey as a filmmaker at SAE because of the successful careers which lead from studying there, along with that it specializes in just arts subjects. Which leads me to how since it’s a small campus you get a broader network of friends to help you be successful in the industry.  So I suppose what brought me to SAE was a bit of everything but I cant wait to see where I go.


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