How Media Effects me?

Media effects everyone in different ways as it is now has begum such a diverse market. However, as a film enthusiasts and film maker the media that I most value are: Short films, social media and streaming servers like YouTube. Each platform of media is valuable to me as a film maker in different ways. Short films are one of the starting points for a film maker in the industry. This media platform of short films are used to communicate story’s, entertainment and can demonstrate issue in society in that moment through a film. Short films such as; Selfie ( . This is a good example of how a short film can show issues in society through a film.

maxresdefault.jpg  selfie-short-film


The second media platform which I find import to me is the use of social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and  Tumblr. All three social media components effect me on a daily basis in different ways. Pinterest  and Tumblr effects me as a film maker by if I’m beginning to struggle for inspiration these two media platforms are my saviour. For  story writing a technique used is to draw inspiration from images to stimulate ideas as these two sites are based around images it is an easy way to access images which communicate messages.


Media in todays society is everywhere all the time from phones, laptops, television and films to things like art, music, magazine. Each way carry’s a message  different through there certain trade but all are communicate messages to audience to inform, educate and entertain.


References of images;


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