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Youtube; Blog 5

Firstly, the use of YouTube is a big influence in the film and music video industry which I aim to get into. YouTube is a site which you share videos with a public audience which allows audiences to watch, comment and share. This media site is a great opportunity for indie film makers to share their creations for studios, producers etc to find new talent.


A video which I believed was produced well was by “Beyond Tomorrow Films – I Miss You.” The film is about how it captures two young people falling in love, and then continues right through to the breakup. This short film was produced from a group of young Australian filmmakers from Beyond Tomorrow Films. The film was based on the Moonfruit Comics “Reasons” by Robyn Slack.


“I miss you” uses good filming techniques to capture the story. The use of narrations over the top was effect as it is coming from the main guy thoughts and how he feels about the girl. By doing this technique it ties all the clips together showing continuity.  The film used a Varity of shots and angles which didn’t distract from the story with a Varity of lighting from night to day, to inside to outside. However, some shots near the end could have been improved by not carrying out the shot for as long and added another angle so audience don’t lose interest. Beside from that the film was executed to a high standard by the use of

cinematography and editing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.41.03 pm


The second film which was very influence was “SELFIE – Aghaaz Productions.” The film is about hat incidents is faced by a ‘common man’ and how people or yourself interpret you by the way you may dress, how you look, your reglion or culture. But how if you respect yourself and know your “inner self.” Aghaaz Productions is a company which was founded in 2013 and is located in Mumbai which originated the name as the word Aghaaz means ‘The Beginning’.


The film is shot not in English however but displays subtitles and I believe the language barrier doesn’t majorly effect the story.  The film uses music effetely to add meaning as when the dialogue is happening it is almost silent but when the drama happens music becomes louder and the use of slow motion shows how the man is feeling in his head. By using shots of in the mirror it frames it well to show how he sees himself. Along with every time the slow motion occurs it indicates how he is thinking negative thoughts about himself. The scene when he is looking at himself in the mirror and cuts to flash backs with colour filter over the top, then returning to him scrubbing the mirror and is face is a good scene. This scene shows the story of him in how he sees himself and how he try’s to change despite finding out nothings wrong with him beside from his perspective of himself.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.05.24 pm


Kayla Bone

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