Copyright, what is copyright?

It is define as ‘ the exclusive and assignable legal right,giving to the originator for a fixed number of year’ according to the oxford dictionary.  After reading through a blog which talks about the basics info certain facts stood out to me.

How long does copyright last for?
In Australia under the Australia – United states free trade agreement in 2006 it outlined that the general duration for piece is 70 years plus the creators life. However, work published before 1922, but before 1978 are protected fro 95 years from publications (Stim,2013).


I find this rather interesting how everything you create is copyrighted. It is a very important agreement for artists as it protects and monetise your creatively. Thus allowing you to be free to release your artwork knowing that you are covered by copyright(“Arts Law : Information Sheet : Copyright”, 2016).

Deal. handshake of Business People

Another thing i found interesting was to always have a Group Work contracts. The blog outlines how important the contract is along with what it covers if something goes wrong. Alot of the time when doing a group contract issues happen, But having a contract outlining  who is doing what, along with what they promise to do it will cover you if that person drops out. This type of contract is used alot in creative media areas.


Therefore, after reading through the blog and doing some research it shows how important copyright and group work contract are to my discipline of film. As, if i didn’t want my work to be copyrighted someone could steal my idea as there own.


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