Secret Interview

Imagine this your sitting down across from a well known company executive and he asks you do you mind him asking you some questions. He asks you ” If you were a part in a car, which part would you be and why?” What would you say? Id say id like to be the steering wheel why?  Because i would like to take control and be a leader along with the help of the other parts to get me there.


After reading the blog that question really stood out for me because if you were a interviewer it would be the type of question to see what type of person they are without a stereotypical question allowing the person to think out of the box. After reading the blog i established that in an interview the key is to be different, to stand out and be confident. Because on average the time spent by recruitment managers for analyzing a resume is: 5 to 7 seconds. The fact is you could have an outstanding portfolio if you are not punctual , a team player and positive person you are most likely not going to get the job you are chasing.

Another question which stood out for me was “What would i find in your refrigerator right now? “. If i had to answer this question to an employer i wouldn’t be impress as all i have is a few basics, alcohol and some leftovers. This would show the employer your habits, type of personality and lifestyle which isn’t very good based on my fridge. 


After being intrigued from the tips the blog said i searched for more. One was that 91%of employers search your social media for any red flags(“Forbes Welcome”, 2016). This means that its important to post a professional online footprint and not posting any profanity which could effect your chances.  A fun fact i discovered after researching is that “When you put a photo on a resume the chances of getting discarded are up to 88%.”  I found this rather interesting as you would think that would make you stand out and interviewer could see straight away what type of person you are however it isn’t the case. When-to-hire-or-not-to-hire-Social-Media-Consultant-for-your-business1.jpg

The blog made me think alot after answering all the questions. It shows how important answering the questions are and how it shows what type of person you are. So, if i was put into this scenario now i feel prepared from all the secret questions.



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Forbes Welcome. (2016). Retrieved 24 June 2016, from



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