Social Media & Your Career

Social Media, How can i use it it advantage my career? Good Question, In my industry of film maker one of the biggest parts of making a film is knowing how market it. This involves a huge involvement from social media from sharing it around, advertisement and networking with fellow filmmakers on social media to check it out.

Another Main key to is to make an active social profile which means having a professional Media accounts such as, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, along with an active posting blog. It is a good way to network with other like minded people in your field and ask questions and get help from others like yourself.

A quote i found which relates to this topic is by;

Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight) Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”

I related to this as i saw it like he explains your social media account  isn’t just writing it should be your art work master piece which you spend valuable time to perfecting.

These sites are a platform to connect with you fan base along with build it.  Fans want to show you that they love your work and need to connect. By constantly replying to fans comments showing that you care for their input to constantly gain your status.

One of the post on the blog was an image with business objectives and says to pick three. My top three would be Networking, Feedback and Marketing. But how do we achieve this?? When reading a blog about this topic it asked What will you post and how will you monitor and measure your results? I had a think and believe i would post updates on how my work is going to gradual gain support on up in coming films, announcing some events i’m going to like film festivals, movie premieres etc, along with sharing blogs/ other film makers i’m interesting in to spread my interests. Now the second part of that question is tough but when first starting out id measure the amount of likes / comments i receive on these posts.


Yvette Adams, The Creative Collective


The blog outlined some key tips to having a professional page by having your name as your usernames and nothing silly like HannahMlover98. This only shows employers how immature and unprofessional you are. Doing some research a few tips would be;

  1. Chosen the right platform for your field (eg for film Vimeo, twitter)
  2. Profile pictures, have a professional picture not just a selfie. (Because first impressions count)dos-donts

3. Struggling to post something, why not share someone else work cause lots of the time if you scratch their back they will scratch yours.


If i was to choose a fellow film maker to share i would share a youtube channel called Joey Graceffa. On  Youtube he has recently started a online series called ” Escape the night.” After previous watching his channel along with seeing this new series i would recommend fellow film makers to have a look at what type of online series you could make and how popular it can become. The first episode currently has over 5.5 million views and was only posted on  JUNE 22,2016.  He would of achieve this by fellow filmmaker like myself and many other sharing it around along with a huge social media advertising.


Overall, reading through the blog along with other research i came to the conclusion that it is important tool to use social media to your advantage and don’t ruin yourself before you start by having a un-professional site, along with not having any sites at all. By using business strategies to promote, network and learn will slowly improve my fanbase.


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