*film studies *

One of the activities discussed was about the clip of “City of God”

In the orientation of the scene it began with a montage of clips. Quick flashes of knifes being sharpen, close up of chicken feet, then leading onto cutting up chicken and cooking them. I found the opening shots very interesting as all these close up quick shots gave audiences enough information to be intrigued but not too much to get bored. It then lead onto a tracking shot of one chicken which got away. They used this opening montage as like the metaphor for the next scene where the boy is faced with a group of kids and if he stays he will be dead or he can run away and be a chicken. By having cross cuts of the boy and the chicken it gave audiences like my self the clear understanding of the relationship



In the blog i was reading which was about different types of film form i was intrigued in the topic of editing, he describe it as;

“Editing may be thought of as the coordination of one shot with the next” (2001, p 249. )

One thing which stood out for myself was when they spoke about rhythmic editing. This is defined as how fast or slow the cuts are occurring causing a rhythm which establishes mood, atmosphere or character.

As you see in the pictures below it originates with a women face but matches up with the next shot as it follows the same type of shape pattern.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.51.39 pm.png

Another example of this editing technique is in Hitchcock movie ‘Psycho’ in his famous shower scene. He transition from a Close up shot of Miss Kranes eye then slowly transformed into water running down the drain. This worked extreme well as they both have a circle shape and in my point of view it shows how Miss Kranes life is being washed down the drain. Therefore, this technique adds deeper meaning rather than using  a simple cut from eye to drain which would have the same visual effect.