Time to Evolve Technology

*Film Studies*

In the film industry its constantly evolving and improving throughout generations to keep up with todays societies needs.  The progression in cameras, sound recording, editing, special effects all have made massive progression over time. It started with the iconic film by the Lumiere Brothers with the iconic “Arrival of a train”  (1895)

As you can see in the clip above compared to today it doesn’t seem like much other than just a train arriving but back then it was a massive improvement in the industry.  It is quoted that “filmmaking technology evolved with the Lumiere Brothers’ Cinématographe which freed filmmakers from the confines of the studio and allowed for on location shooting (Thompson & Bordwell 8-9).”  But it didnt exactly lead straight away to better clips.(Piccirillo, 2011)

Despite all the progression in film you still think has it eroded the craft of filmmaking by constant produce of spectacles rather than a solid narrative.

An example when it improved for the better is how in the film ” Oz the Great and powerful.” The film uses simple yet effective cgi when creating the feeling of wonder when the Wizard wasn’t even close to achieving  his end goal. ozgreatandpowerful-firstlook3-tsr4

A quote states;

“I cannot think of a single movie I have loved based solely on its CGI work. Along those lines, I have never experienced such bad CGI that I was completely turned off from a film either. This leads me to believe that CGI and special effects are truly neutral by nature;”(Wantuch, 2013)


Mr Wantuch point of view on special effect/ cgi very accurate and can go both ways. If you have a look at movies screening at the cinema right now you have  movies such as ” The Shallows” which uses some simple CGI but is mostly based on the story line rather than all the effects. However, movies such as ” Suicide Squad” is highly depended on Special effects along with “Sausage Party” which is an animated film and “Ghostbuster” which uses high amounts of effects for the ghost effects.


These four films is some of the most popular films out at the moment and all use lots of CGI. After looking through the current films i believe the film making isn’t corrupted but have improved to make more believable films rather than watching a film such as “Robocop” where you are draw out from the film as all the special effects are so bad.


Piccirillo, R. (2011). The Technological Evolution of Filmmaking and its Relation to Quality in Cinema. Student Pulse, 3(08). Retrieved from http://www.inquiriesjournal.com/articles/560/the-technological-evolution-of-filmmaking-and-its-relation-to-quality-in-cinema

Wantuch, T. (2013). Can Bad Visual Effects Ruin a Film Like ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’?.FirstShowing.net. Retrieved 23 August 2016, from http://www.firstshowing.net/2013/can-bad-visual-effects-ruin-a-film-like-oz-the-great-and-powerful/



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