What Makes A Great Pitch?

What makes a successful film?

Some essential things for each pitch are;

Marilyn Horowitz says 3 tricks, first is when telling your story  tell your “hook” first. As if you don’t hook an audience in first they wont stay to listen to the rest of the pitch no matter how good it is.

Second tmarilyn-horowitzip, Have more than one pitch ready. By having options if a producers doesn’t like your first story you have a back up along with they will commend that you aren’t a “one trick ponies.”

Last tip he explains was be yourself when pitching as if your acting like a crazy car salesmen talking 100 miles per hour they wont be able to follow or see your passion for the story.

After looking into this further i found few other essential things need to be included.

One you need to have a clear target audience for who you are writing for along with how you plan on marketing it such as advertising.This leads me on to my second point of how do you plan on advertising it to make it stand out from the competitions. As so many people will have similar stories but what element do you plan on highlighting to sell it to audiences. Third point is making sure you have a good team in place to get you to your goals, this is because if you have a team who is passionate and dedicated you are more likely  yo reach set goals and milestones. Fourth, to ensure your hook is good to draw them in within 10-30 seconds have a good actor, producer or director which would get them on board.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 1.51.55 pm.png

In class when doing pitches for our short film i believe the most successful pitch was ‘Scatter Memories’ by Mauren. I think the reason why her pitch turned out successful is the high quality execution when presenting. Looking further into this to break down why she started off with a clear idea from the beginning with passion to make it. She followed lots of the tips and tricks for instance; when presenting she remanded calm and focused allowing audience members to stay intrigued. Secondly she already had thought into little details such as photos which would be shown in the film, a draft script ready made which if anyone was interested could look into. another element she had was how she was marking it she had rough idea of posters, along with the story being very different from competitor pitching stories as most peoples were modern comedies hers was a era drama piece.  As a visual element her powerpoint maintain a good simplistic theme and had photos which makes audience be able to have a clear vision of what she wants to pitch. Her template was mostly a picture on the side and information on the left. Along with when explaining each point of set, props, costuming etc she had detailed moodboards of what she already has or what she plans on buying. Last point is she had a catchy one line pitch ” A young woman discovers her grandmother’s Past.” (Maureen Legara)  This is yet another essential element for a good pitch which she had contained within her presentation to get audience to hop on board with her film.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.09.04 pm.png

Moving onto my pitch. I pitch a story called Scarbull which is ” When the weak cry’s for help, Alexander protects them.” The story discussed about a girl who got into a coma and has a second chance to live so helps the bullied out as she was scared from her passed. However overall my pitch fell flat. It did have a few positives but the negatives tipped the scale. Diving into the negatives first is the visual element my slide show was pretty basic with picture but nothing original , along with the colour scheme was red and orange cause of blood but however was very visually appearing. Another little issue was my story had a few flaws which needed to be ironed out along with no script pre written. Moving onto more positives i had a good one-line with some story points which would be successful if i re-worked them. elements which i had from the tricks i spoke before was one being myself i believe we spoke calm and focus along with a relative good title and one line to draw audiences in.


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