ABC- United Brothers


a) What was the most difficult part in the creative process and why? 

The hardest part in creative process was firstly the change of team mates and having to take charge with the project. Many parts of the process was hard starting of was thinking of an idea based on the topic of blood starting  with the letter “U.” After we moved passed that issue another arise when filming as we expected it to be dark from a expected time we had to push the time back and as the lighting plan was with the night we couldn’t beginning setting up.However before this we found it difficult to find actors and once we got one he dropped out as he got sick. So last minute had to scout for actors however moved passed this by having to use friends instead of actors. Last part which i found difficult was two things as the setting was at night we didn’t want to use such bright lights. This resulting in when it came to editing it was too dark and had to raise the brightness, However this resulted in it being graining and not as clear. By not having clear picture it draws away from what is shown on screen as you cant see all the details shot. This was by far the biggest struggle in the project but have now learnt from this mistake. Which is it is easier to darken rather than raise the light i will follow this tip on with me so i don’t repeat my mistakes.


b) What is the relationship between your initial vision and the final production? 

First thought for this abc project after receiving the letter “U” was uterus which would of gone down comedy film path but changed as we wanted to do something more dramatic. We changed to the word ” United” and came up by the theme of blood brothers as they are united by there blood. The story started with ideas of a society  type thing leading onto a cult but stopped with just being really close mates from a young age and once one was injured the fellow brother cut his hand to be in the same pain as he now blood brother. So the plan for the film was to show cut of two brothers leaving a house and one tripping over and as the other brother leads he turns around to see his brother on the floor and has to face wether he risk getting caught from the cops or save his brother it was suppose to cut to a flash back of two kids and one falling over and the other hurting himself as well so they can both be in pain and shake on there blood. This then cuts to him saving him as he a blood brother and will go back to get him. But as we had kid issues and weren’t able to find anyone to act we had to cut this part out of the film and work with the story. In the end it turned out okay but have changed lots along the way some for good but some not so good.

c) Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your concept (200 words)

This film defiantly has its pros and cons as we had ups and down and the weakness do over weight. Looking into the concept side first. Firstly, the theme of the abc was blood and do agree blood brothers is a bit of stretch from the idea as you don’t exactly see any blood so thats the first issue from the start. Next was the idea of having blood brothers and why and how the two connect. Yes there is a backstory but isn’t exactly displayed strong on screen of the connect until the line ” Never leave a blood brother behind”. There is small positive which show this along the way like the fist pump before going in, the head nod and how close the two are in the shots. After the line its clear as he comes back helps him and and leaves but do believe that it is a strengths in some points but weak in other points. The idea is a good concept if i could of executed with the children and re worked and tweak some parts.  The strength of this film was i believe the idea was different than lots of people as it didn’t have physical blood but didn’t turn out to my vision originally planned .

d) Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the execution of your project (200 words).

Now moving on from the concept to the execution of the project. I believe this is the biggest weakness. First point is lighting as were both new to lighting and as it was outside we were limited to only portable ones. On the screen we didn’t want it to look to forced as it was suppose to be a night scene. As we didn’t hire a swit monitor the little screen didn’t show true quality. This turned into a issue when later we didn’t realize how dark all the footage was and had to raise the brightness causing lot of grain and noise. Without doing this we would of seen basically a black screen. By doing this is distracts and downgrade the quality of the production as one it looks student like and cant see the details. Moving passed this the camera angles could of been more variety with possible steady cam shots and inclusion of more tracking shots if re- done. Last point which i believe could of been executed better is the edit, as i am not as experienced in editing with more practice i believe that it could help the overall film if cut effectively. If re edited i would include security camera colour grade along with the inclusion of timers and dates in the corners etc.

Here is the link to the clip;


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