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Blog Post 02 – Errol Morris
What is Errol Morris’ Directorial Style?

In the film Standard Operating procedures Errol Morris directorial style is clear by how he almost frames the whole film as he is a detective and as you progress through the film you discover all the facts and stories just as a detective would until the end when the case is solved. His style uses old movie footage to illustrate the interior loves of his subjects (Rothman, 2009). Morris director style in he’s documentaries frequently employ strong interview techniques straight to the camera to give audiences the sense of intimacy as they often are discussing confronting topics which is quite confrontational.

How does he achieve this style?

How he achieves this is he’s relentless search for answers – philosophical, psychological, forensic. This has only lead to a wide spread of work growing including; celebrated documentaries, dozens of short films, weighty essays and cognitive experiments in the NY Times, books, actual criminal investigations and some pretty fetching commercials. Reasons why Errol Morris can pull this off so well as he was a private investigator for many years so all he’s skills learnt while doing this has lead onto his filmmaking style. In terms of he’s interview style this is achieve by a  apparatus called the Interrontron which is designed especially for the eye to camera style. The apparatus bounces a live image of Morris onto the glass plate in front of the camera positions in from of the interviewee.(Gerbaz, 2017)


How does Errol Morris approach ‘truth’ in his work?

Errol morris approach to truth starts from he criticised cinema verite for assuming doing correct technique would “Guarantee truth. ” He responds to this statement that no technique will  guarantee truth. Morris favours interview as the key to explore and examine the use of language as a key to interiority (Rothman, 2009). Errol morris approaches the truth in his work by doing extensive research and despite what could be a ” Public” version of the truth he will dig deeper to insure that is correct and if not will expose it so the “truth” serves justice.
How is his concept of ‘truth’ reflected in his Directorial Style?

The concept of truth reflects on his style a lots, Morris connects to a remarked form his friend “well, you may be a fly-on the wall, but its a five hundred ton fly-on-the-wall” (Slattery, 1997) This reflects on his directorial style of always wanting to show the truth and not altering this for a “better story” etc. As the story will be captivating if done well the truth we convey the realness.
How is his concept of ‘truth’ reflected through his of documentary topics for his feature length projects?

Reflecting his style of truth if you with about his film “The thin blue line” which is a documentary  which explodes the concept of real-life drama by employing the actual convicted criminals, David Harris and Randall Adams which are the two key actors.  Morris staged it with various version of Robert Wood murder to demonstrate the testimony of various witness. When doing this he had to be careful not to stage it as it was meant to represent the truth.  By Errol Morris wanted the truth in this film he argues he sentence of a man and proves he’s innocence on screen and constructed this by relying on verbal monologues and newspaper graphics.(Curry, 2017) By doing this investigators re opened the case.



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