Blog 4; Interview Techniques

Class workshop conducted by Jodie Taylor.

Another in class workshop we took part of was were we were in groups of two the interviewer and the interviewee. We got told to ask a personal question each to another person in our class which we didn’t know very well. Starting out i got asked the question first so i believe this gave me an advantage as i understood how uncomfortable it is to be asked questions on the spot. When asking questions i tried to ask my partner with a calm tone and use facial and body language to make them feel comfortable to answer and show that i’m interested which allowed them to keep talking. Such as nodding head leaning forward and not having arms cross shows your interested rather than leaning back no eye contact and arms cross really gives of a different vibe.

When starting out getting asked a question was something new as i have never really been interviewed before so doing this was new and didn’t know what to expect. When the interviewer asked me the question “When did you lose your virginity?” at first you get thrown for a few seconds, but considering the circumstancing and knowing it being a safe space i answered open and didn’t care as my partner was holding eye contact that i didn’t mind answering the questions. I learnt that asking personal questions is okay as long as you set the scene to be a safe space where no judgement is and will allow the interviewee feel open to spill there truth.

The dynamics between the role of interview and interviewee is very different. When being the interviewee you feel more in the spot light and nervous as by not knowing what your going to be asked is intimating as your not in control. In contrast when asking questions you are more in control of the situation as you know the questions your asking but can still can go not way planned when the interviewee might answer with something unexpected and either not open up or open up a lot more than expected which is what you hope for.

The dynamic between the both of us to fill the time  i believe was different as when i was asked questions i kept talking as i am a more comfortable open personal. On contrast when asking the question i had to continue to ask questions to fill the gaps to make up for the time. After telling or asking the initial question it was slightly more tricky to fill in the rest of time. By asking elaborating questions or even asking the interview the same question to build of there answer was one thing we did.

As an interviewer in this exercise it did allow you a fear of asking personal questions. When you first get told to ask this deep questions you think to yourself, what am i going to say? As if they are going to answer. After you get out of your head and asking it with an confident tone you realise it isn’t as bad as what you make up in your head. This allows me to not be as afraid to ask deep questions in my major production.

Overall, i will take some lessons learnt form this exercise on to the next one of Vox pop interviews. This little in class exercise is a good stepping stone to know as strangers questions on the street. Lessons such as body language in order to engage and be mindful how asking the questions in order to get a good response.


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