Blog 5. Vox Pop

Blog 05 Vox Pop Class Workshop

The Vox pop interview process was a very interesting exercise which i enjoyed being apart of. The process of going up to complete strangers and stopping them in the street asking them questions was very daunting. I was very shy at first not wanting to ask many people being like “Aw their busy.” After finally working up the courage to ask a few people i got turned down once or twice but eventually succeed and got a yes. The first interview was a bit bumpy and shot little out and didn’t really know how to ask but each person interview the better the answer got. As a team we found some spots worked better than others, such as just off the main street where people who just wonder around are more likely to participate.

When reviewing the footage it was clear that some pieces where hard to use or grabs as they didn’t implement the question within there answer so it was hard to edit. Reflecting back i would push more to make sure the answer was useable but picking up and telling them to re answer. Another tip would place them differently and be more mindful of the area and before doing the interview look through the area for potential spots.

By doing this exercise i do believe it brings up challenges and fears. However, by the end you overcome them. As spoken about before fears to go up to a stranger and interrupt them was definitely the biggest one, to begin was hard when they turn you down but the more yes made the no not as hard and just had to change the mindset to keep asking along the more questions the easier it gets.

In order to improve for next time i will spend that even extra minute to re-work framing of the shots, as most of my shots had potential if i even moved a couple centimetre to a side etc. Second would try and listen/ react to there answer and make it more flow rather than reading off the page in order to get better answers.

Overall, I have learnt many lessons and i believe one of the major ones is just to have confident. If you confident people are more likely to want to answer and feel more comfortable around you. I will take this into my major documentary as i am the director and will be asking the questions i will be using everything i learnt to improve for the second time round. This is everything from framing, interview questions and the attitude giving out to result in a better performance.

Here is some shots of some interviews for the exercise we did on boundary street asking people opinions on food in west end, My group for this exercise was Grace Bannan, Bruce Mackenzie and Myself Kayla Bone.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.45.25 pmScreen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.45.41 pm


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