Blog 6; Composer

This trimester i failed to be “apart” of any cross disciplinary work. We did have two mixers as a cross disciplinary and did take part of to meet other areas beside from film however even at this early stage of the first meet and greet there was very limited audio people attend and wasn’t interested in sound for film. The second mixer was when audio students was invited to attend a screening of a draft of films and to introduce in order to get composers. At this we did mange to talk to two people interested but one was too busy and second one did take note of emails but later that day decline the offer as it was a too quick to create something together. By not have a composer it did effect the overall film. After the trimester is over i will look into getting one on board so the project can reach its full potential.

Wrap up of Cross disciplinary work.




I did attempt to get an audio stent


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