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Copyright, what is copyright?

It is define as ‘ the exclusive and assignable legal right,giving to the originator for a fixed number of year’ according to the oxford dictionary.  After reading through a blog which talks about the basics info certain facts stood out to me.

How long does copyright last for?
In Australia under the Australia – United states free trade agreement in 2006 it outlined that the general duration for piece is 70 years plus the creators life. However, work published before 1922, but before 1978 are protected fro 95 years from publications (Stim,2013).


I find this rather interesting how everything you create is copyrighted. It is a very important agreement for artists as it protects and monetise your creatively. Thus allowing you to be free to release your artwork knowing that you are covered by copyright(“Arts Law : Information Sheet : Copyright”, 2016).

Deal. handshake of Business People

Another thing i found interesting was to always have a Group Work contracts. The blog outlines how important the contract is along with what it covers if something goes wrong. Alot of the time when doing a group contract issues happen, But having a contract outlining  who is doing what, along with what they promise to do it will cover you if that person drops out. This type of contract is used alot in creative media areas.


Therefore, after reading through the blog and doing some research it shows how important copyright and group work contract are to my discipline of film. As, if i didn’t want my work to be copyrighted someone could steal my idea as there own.


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Incoming low income!

After reading through week 2 i became very interested in how as a film maker i can earn money. The lecture discusses how to make a living from different job opportunities, advertisement along with how to get funding to produce a film. This topic i found very interesting as it relates to my field very well.


Getting an income bimg-job-restauranty producing/ making films is tough as their is weeks without receiving money as its more of an commission type job rather than a salary. This means you might need to
have a part time job and balance the two. Currently i believe i manage this well as i have a part time job as a crew trainer at McDonald’s. Yes, it isn’t a very well paying or rewarding job but it isn’t very hard and able to have very flexible hours which suits the studying lifestyle.


However, their is issues with having part time work as it could result in being over worked and not allowing you to produce your best work. A quote from Walt Disney;




We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.
– Walt Disney





So, If we make movies to make money to make more because we love what we do it makes sense not to over work cause why would you want to produce bad films.  Another, thing discussed was how to get funding raised . For film their are numerous ways to get funding for instance; Kickstarter and Patreon. These two websites are designed to advertise their pitch and get crowdfunding to produce the film. Another option which i think in the future i would take advantage of is Product placement which is advertising a product within your film for money. Alot of big hollywood movies do this for instance, “I, Robot and Spaceballs also showcase futuristic cars with the Audi and Mercedes-Benz logos clearly displayed on the front of the vehicles.” Therefore by doing this the product would be receiving more publicity resulting in more sales.


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Week 1;


Take a moment now to imagine your work life in 2 years…What do you see yourself doing?

In 2 years time from now i picture myself just out of university. I picture having a job as something low-paying but rewarding however apart of making films or music videos.

…then imagine your life in 5 years…

In 5 years i would love to be directing short films, nothing massively big yet but still gaining experience but having a steady income by working my way up. I will  like to achieve having a broader network of a range of people to be able to collaborate.

…then 10 years.

After 10 years my goal would be to have broken into the industry and made a big Hollywood production. I really big goal of mine would be going to an award show. I would love to nominated but content even just have been there and have networked with fellow artistic people.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 24: General view backstage during the Oscars held at the Dolby Theatre on February 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

All of these i think may not happen but unless i try there is no hope in reaching my dreams. 

Secondly the quote by Steve jobs i found very interesting point of view on our he looks at working. He talks about how working is a big part of your life which is true and why do something your not passionate about. It made me re think and happy to be following my passion for one day to reach the goal of loving my job and not thinking as it as a job but as a career or a hobby.

Here the quote;

“You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
Steve Jobs

Another thing which i found interesting when reading through this week lecture is finding out other filmmakers blogs. For instance Ted Hope. Having a look through hes blog i notice how he’s layout of his page is very structured by on the left he had hes videos of hes work then in the middle little texts about stories of hes experiences, as well as on the right hand of the screen you saw where to contact him via social media links or emails along with how to subscribe to his page to keep update. When having another look at my blog i will try and take on board these things to improve the flow.

The link to his site;

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.24.22 am

Blog 5

Youtube; Blog 5

Firstly, the use of YouTube is a big influence in the film and music video industry which I aim to get into. YouTube is a site which you share videos with a public audience which allows audiences to watch, comment and share. This media site is a great opportunity for indie film makers to share their creations for studios, producers etc to find new talent.


A video which I believed was produced well was by “Beyond Tomorrow Films – I Miss You.” The film is about how it captures two young people falling in love, and then continues right through to the breakup. This short film was produced from a group of young Australian filmmakers from Beyond Tomorrow Films. The film was based on the Moonfruit Comics “Reasons” by Robyn Slack.


“I miss you” uses good filming techniques to capture the story. The use of narrations over the top was effect as it is coming from the main guy thoughts and how he feels about the girl. By doing this technique it ties all the clips together showing continuity.  The film used a Varity of shots and angles which didn’t distract from the story with a Varity of lighting from night to day, to inside to outside. However, some shots near the end could have been improved by not carrying out the shot for as long and added another angle so audience don’t lose interest. Beside from that the film was executed to a high standard by the use of

cinematography and editing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.41.03 pm


The second film which was very influence was “SELFIE – Aghaaz Productions.” The film is about hat incidents is faced by a ‘common man’ and how people or yourself interpret you by the way you may dress, how you look, your reglion or culture. But how if you respect yourself and know your “inner self.” Aghaaz Productions is a company which was founded in 2013 and is located in Mumbai which originated the name as the word Aghaaz means ‘The Beginning’.


The film is shot not in English however but displays subtitles and I believe the language barrier doesn’t majorly effect the story.  The film uses music effetely to add meaning as when the dialogue is happening it is almost silent but when the drama happens music becomes louder and the use of slow motion shows how the man is feeling in his head. By using shots of in the mirror it frames it well to show how he sees himself. Along with every time the slow motion occurs it indicates how he is thinking negative thoughts about himself. The scene when he is looking at himself in the mirror and cuts to flash backs with colour filter over the top, then returning to him scrubbing the mirror and is face is a good scene. This scene shows the story of him in how he sees himself and how he try’s to change despite finding out nothings wrong with him beside from his perspective of himself.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.05.24 pm


Kayla Bone

Blog 4 = Curation Activity


In modern society the use of media influences in stuff we like and what we re-like, re-blog or re-watch. The media platforms are constantly expanding to share your creative interested from websites like Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr and Spotify. A few media sites which I share my creative interests on would be YouTube for sharing videos made or watching others for inspiration, entertainment or education. If I need music to stimulate my brain to do some creative writing I used Spotify and select the playlist depending on the mood I want to write in. Lastly if I want to share or get inspiration I use Pinterest to look at photo which would stimulate my brain for different ideas, along with photos which shows DIY projects.


Here is a screen shot showing you a playlist with some of my favourite clips ranging from how to videos, music videos to short films.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 6.44.50 pm

Here’s a shot of my Pinterest inspiration board;

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 6.58.22 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 6.58.44 pm


An a shot of my music playlist; Spotify




Each platform shows different creative sides to my online footprint but each effects me in different ways. I wish to produce films, music clips just like the people I follow and hope to inspire people to make films.


Kayla Bone

Past, Present and future Trends!


“You have to stay updated on trends, social things and pop culture, you need to stay with the times and keep evolving.” – Corey Feldman. In current society trends such as any apple product, YouTube and selfies are turning into iconic trends of the 00’s and if you don’t take the journey to follow trends you are left behind.  Some culture trends become re-evolved and become a fad all over again.  A few trends which have turned full circle is Rubix cubs, anything retro, chockers and old Hollywood glamour.




A Trend which I believe will become big in the future is clothing in shapes like squares, triangles. The future clothes will be more 3d and be inspired by shows like The Jetsons. An trend which is highly popular at the moment is the idea of marble and timber will make a comeback in a few years but have twist to it like it colour be all digitised.


How Media Effects me?

Media effects everyone in different ways as it is now has begum such a diverse market. However, as a film enthusiasts and film maker the media that I most value are: Short films, social media and streaming servers like YouTube. Each platform of media is valuable to me as a film maker in different ways. Short films are one of the starting points for a film maker in the industry. This media platform of short films are used to communicate story’s, entertainment and can demonstrate issue in society in that moment through a film. Short films such as; Selfie ( . This is a good example of how a short film can show issues in society through a film.

maxresdefault.jpg  selfie-short-film


The second media platform which I find import to me is the use of social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and  Tumblr. All three social media components effect me on a daily basis in different ways. Pinterest  and Tumblr effects me as a film maker by if I’m beginning to struggle for inspiration these two media platforms are my saviour. For  story writing a technique used is to draw inspiration from images to stimulate ideas as these two sites are based around images it is an easy way to access images which communicate messages.


Media in todays society is everywhere all the time from phones, laptops, television and films to things like art, music, magazine. Each way carry’s a message  different through there certain trade but all are communicate messages to audience to inform, educate and entertain.


References of images;


Week 2; What brought me here?

What brought me here? Good Question,

Looking back to what brought me here comes from many things but my love for Film and television is where the love began. Reflecting back  I would always spend hours upon hours searching for movies or shows which i hadn’t seen and become addicted. I remember watching all these films and questioning how that’s was made?  or why is this plotted out this way? After a while i began thinking how interesting it would be to create these film.

My first step to being at SAE today started  when I began doing film in Grade 11 at school, that is when I discovered my passion to create and learn all about films. My favorite part of the process in making a film would probably be editing , I love how you start off with a few clips and different shots but then when you add effects, sounds, titles etc. it turns into something golden. The skill of making an audiences go on an emotional adventure with the character is another favorite moment.  For example in such iconic films such as ‘The Notebook’  how such a heart moving piece is such a classic.

The Notebook Trailer:

into-the-woods-poster   thegreatgatsby2012poster  20160201232850titanic_poster 200406-the-notebook


The genre which is my all time favorite is romance.  I inspire to films like’ The Great Gatsby (2013)’, titanic (1997),  In the woods and many others. I have chosen to take on my journey as a filmmaker at SAE because of the successful careers which lead from studying there, along with that it specializes in just arts subjects. Which leads me to how since it’s a small campus you get a broader network of friends to help you be successful in the industry.  So I suppose what brought me to SAE was a bit of everything but I cant wait to see where I go.


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